offers an exclusive, diverse range of high-quality products containing CBD such as drops, pastes and crystals with CBD concentrations between 2.5 and 99.5 percent.

We are the world’s first manufacturer to enrich CBD products with 100% strain specific, original cannabis terpenes extracted from the finest flowers.

The CBD in our products comes from EU-certified, carefully cultivated organic hemp; the terpenes are extracted from flowers grown outdoors in California.

All Aromakult products are purely plant-based and GMO-free.


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These CBD hemp buds have a fruity and rough flavour. With a CBD (Cannabidiol) range from 4 % to 7 % these strains are some of the frontrunners. The flowers grow in the best possible conditions without the use of herbicides or pesticides. Keep out of reach of children. Not suitable for human consumption. Store in a cool and dry place. EU Hemp Felina 32 and Finola. Exploitation prohibited.



CBD in organic hempseedoil with strain specific cannabis terpenes, natural aroma or pure. CBD ranges from 2,5 % up to 15 %. Packed as 10ml and 50ml units.



Pure CBD in crystalline form, infused with strain specific Cannabis Terpenes or pure. Packed as 99,5+ % CBD in 500mg and 1000mg units.



CBD in its purest and cleanest form, obtained from organic grown hemp plants. CBD ranges from 20 % up to 50 %. Packed as 1000mg and 3000mg units.


Full spectrum terpenes from potent hemp flowers

Only terpenes extracted directly from fresh plants marry together and develop the full potential aroma of a specific variety. That's why here at Aromakult we work with only the best, single-origin, full spectrum terpenes extracted from fresh, potent cannabis flowers. These natural origins mean that we only ever have limited quantities of our products with cannabis terpenes from a particular variety! Our terpenes are essential oils produced by way of steam distillation from high-grade cannabis flowers. Most cannabis terpenes available on the market today are actually cannabis terpene profiles. These terpenes are not cannabis-based but are just mixes, usually of plant terpenes, intended to recreate the smell of cannabis.

Aromakult protective packaging

All Aromakult products are created with utmost care and placed into high-quality containers made of Miron Violetglass.

This unique glass blocks the entire spectrum of visible light, with the exception of the violet range. It also allows a certain amount of radiation to permeate the glass, namely UV-A and infrared light. This combination provides optimum protection against adverse reactions with light.

UV-A light has an invigorating effect while infrared is energizing to any substances stored in violet glass. This ensures that your Aromakult products remain in optimum condition.

Galileo Miron Pratical Test [in german]

Aromakult protective packaging

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